Sunday, August 23, 2015

GCRC - Far from Busted

Ripe for a registration defect...

Legality and drift machines have always been misaligned. Massive camber lack of bumpers and wide track often equals instant police attraction. In Australia, an on-street burnout can equal car confiscation and even crushing of the offending vehicle.

So you don't wanna get BUSTED.

So we are forced to the circuit. GCRC replicates a scale short course where sideways action is accepted.

This Team Bomber DRB has been getting some serious lap action. The owner ready for some more tuition. 

Torana + Supercharger traveling well.

Scraping the fence means always having fun. 

4 door drift...

And 86 drift events seem like a long time ago... but we are starting to prepare for the 24hr events with gymkhana, twin drift, comps and more.

My plan to run the FD today suffered a setback with my rear hex causing a bearing failure.

But there's always next week. Enjoy your RC.

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