Sunday, August 2, 2015

MST Deeps

Running addiction aero brings it's own challenges when it comes to Rim selection... Here is a pretty easy modification to MST Mesh Rims for great stance.

The MST Mesh rims come with 4 depths. but there's another 5 on offer.

 I added a small notch right on the rim limit. this allows at least the slightest of bite for the location tabs.

I added 3 of these on the rims I am using for the rear.

Some Super Strong CA glue and your done. But you'd better get it right, because you only get one chance.

So I now have 2x +9 Offset and 2x +14 Offset.There is a slight drawback that the ridges are slightly visible from the inside... not a big issue on black, but other colours may show.

Perfect for the Addiction 86 and my RWB porsche.

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