Wednesday, August 19, 2015

GCRC Meet in the Middle

An awesome evening of battle hungry beasts

Speedy freaks

 and endless pressure cooker battles.

New Body debut...

Attacker in tow. 

You get about 2 laps before it's GAME ON!

New Chocolate Bunny, It must be Easter.

and my own FC... ready for battle.

It didn't take long to pick up a challenger

or two

or three.

Mad camber FC... the rims are easily visible with 20 degrees on the rear. 

I wasn't the only one in target rich environment.

MS-01D still getting big lock.

lap after lap, swapping and trading paint and panel.

Target locked!

Get all the support you can!

Cause you are going to need it.

This S15 driven by robot! Self drive.

My DRB enjoying the new narrow scrub front end. 

Crazy setup doesn't compromise the performance too much. CS ratio is 3.2:1

RWD FXX also ripping it. about 26 degrees castor n this chassis.

Line up your target....

And prepare for the attack....

This is not a double print... It's the very next lap... ALMOST IDENTICAL positions as the Silvia slips in behind.

 Lining up the targets...

and then some more.

hooking through... everybody wave..... HI!

4 cars here... going for the line under the dozer scoop.

Next lap the lead cars were pulling away...

But here's a couple of scoops of Lime and Vanilla Sherbet. Yummy!

Thanks the Senior Banham for most of these shots.

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