Sunday, October 30, 2016


It was a evening with some great driving

some great friends

and some fun.

I'd spent a lot of hours on track in the day, so I was happy to hand over the DRB-REW and other machines to a GCRC special guest.

Soon on the fun line with regulars in tow.

some great laps unfolded as we ran the reverse direction.

Some more scale decoration on the track completing the imagery.

Crank it up!

Tonight, I asked the guys to practice some of the skills I learned at Team Tetsujin Drift Lounget. This small curb forcing a differnt line. The straight line, before turning across track for a feint entry.

It takes some coaching and guidance for people to adjust.

straightening to line astern really adds that extra element to avoid what can be left right left right left right. Try new things and replicate reality. 

80% Full Slide.

20% straight line for speed.

Initiation and braking suddenly require more concentration.

With each lap everyone was improving.

But most of hours of smiles.

Training days are fun.

Ninja Turtles on deck.

chasing down all comers.

Ninja Drift cawabunga!

there was a lot of filming.

Mikey showing off of course.

Skateboard style.

Sometimes he hangs it a bit too far.

But battles are definitely on.

need a little extra stability.

Sprint car style.

While all this is going on. you have to check the backgrounds... because awesome battles are everywhere.

Driftline on line.

Setting that IROHA style

leading the way with endless error free running.

My FR-D with new low speed gearset was working a treat.

But they are still a different kind of machine.

hard to keep the hounds at bay.. but happy to lead and provide a 5% lower pace.

Pink twins run wild.

GCRCD all day and night. FTW.

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