Saturday, October 6, 2012

Final Perparations Part II

I spent a little time getting these Eagle Racing brakes spaced and installed correctly.

Admittedly, they are not installed on the correct chassis, and for a basic TT-01 owner, they'd be awesome.

For me however, the bearings included are terrible and the thin aluminium needed to support the bearing insert is weak and bends easily. I've already lost a few screws from them, but for the very cheap price, I didn't expect the best. After changing and installing different drive pins, spacers, screws and bearings, they seem ok.

The final touch was to add a sticker to mine. While I was at it, I printed the Re-86 and RAYS stickers for my new wheels.



  1. mr. Russ can you please tell me how do you make these awesome stickers?

  2. I used silver ink jet printable sticker sheet.
    I can use white also or other styles.

    In Japan A4 sheets are available at an electronics store.

    Just print from photoshop or inkscape

  3. Thanks for the reply,but i am looking for a A4 like the one in HPI bodies.i don't know if there is one in the market.i have inkjet printer but i have tried 2 different sticker sheets and the paint is gone after a few days.Hpi sticker sheet is very strong if you know what i mean.if you have a link please send it to me.i live in Greece.thank you very much sir.

  4. A-One is the maker.

    The sheets have a clear UV protective cover sheet.

    they are really good.

  5. Here's a direct link;

    My buddy is visiting and I've asked him to grab a set. Co-worker is going in for work... gonna ask him too. Thanks for sharing, love the details.


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