Friday, October 5, 2012

Final Preparation

These are my favourite wheel design on the 86. Top Line N-Model +12.


Recently, they released a new version on a 28mm rim with a larger outer lip, but I still prefer the older version. So I picked up a new set of black items. These ones have a Lame Flake speckled Black & silver finish which is a good highlight for the 86.

I'll use them on the last event in Japan. These wheels have been added to finish my final preparation of the DRb for it's final day at MAX ONE.

MAX ONE 10am~10pm 10/10/2012 RE-Xtreme Sayonara Battle.

See You there... Maybe


  1. looks like penis.

  2. They're certainly eye-catching, but how tough is the finish on those wheels?

  3. I guess I'll soon find out
    Feel better than crap kazama or mikuni chrome metallic finishes
    They chip on first impact.

  4. This finish is great. After months of usage they still look like new. Even the surface under wheel nut has all flakes.

  5. Disco Stu likes disco wheels!

    I'd love to see what they look like at speed. Do you still have that Lamborghini body to match them with?

  6. It's at Max One Disco Stu.
    I might try it on.

    But the Wheels match the 86 well. I've added RAys and Re-86 labels too


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