Wednesday, October 17, 2012

RE-Xtreme MAX-ONE Sayonara Party Showoff #9

 Simply 13. This is an unfinished WIP that is looking pretty special.

I'm the first to admit that I don't know all my S-chassis variations. Q's K's Sil-whatever. But I do know cool!

A few issues with wheel clearance prevented this from running in it's shakedown, but it's super cool. Mikuni mesh are lovely wheels for this body.

It's the small details that make Japan the home of drift.

Anyone remember Big X Drift Xtreme! I do. 2003 ~2005 at Ebisu! You will now.

The one and only Kazama doing his thing! BIG X had a big impact on me. This was 2004!

Yes BABY!  This shot is one I'll never forget.


The owner of this body owns just about every tamiya chassis ever made and a lot of others.

His latest is this german Reely chassis with his own ketsukaki style.

While I forgot to photograph the top chassis on the night, his VDS is a work of art.



  1. Haha, I've never seen those Reely's over here being used for drifting, yet there is someone over in Japan drifting one.

    Reely's are frowned upon over here, but there its probably rare and exotic :)

  2. In a discussion about 6 months ago at MAX ONE we looked into getting a couple.

    Super charge style.

    When you have 10 other perfect chassis, something like this is a challenge.

  3. hey man!I've just sent you a PM on cjunkies...well I've seen your blog...awesome!can you post ome more pics of this front motor conversion??IS this chassis is the yokomo type-c DP??I've got one of this also I want to attempt RWD on it...can you help me? thanks!!


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