Wednesday, October 10, 2012

RE-Xtreme MAX-ONE Sayonara Party #1

Today was an awesome day at MAX ONE RC AREA TOKYO. My last time to visit this awesome venue.

Officially MAX ONE will close on the 21st and another twin drift event will be held on the 14th. But 10/10 was my last so I was lucky that all the regulars and my friends could come and drift with me.

And get fat with me. Okashii demo Oishii Sweets.

 And some cakes!

I was presented with a few gifts... the first being this Blue BN Sports FC3s from my rotary loving friend. They looked awesome drifting together DRB FC vs DRB FC. ARIGATOU!

Dorizaru's MX5 joining us for some mazda fun.

kakko ii desu ne?

My top line N Model in black were the perfect match for this machine.

I added a few details after. Dorizaru gave me some RE-Amemiya stickers.

And the finishing touch was the Taku-13Bt Sticker. The Hole is a pick up handle. right near the velcro mount.

It's been great to see us all progress over the course of a year. I think we are all pretty good now. Even beginners like Kazuo, I knew just a month ago at MAX ONE are now pretty good drifters.

Ketsukaki Drift is hard, but stick with it and don't give up. With friends, you can soon be side by side.


It's hard for me to drift this size body after the 86, and It doesn't have a gt wing, or body weights, so it was a bit of a struggle to maintain pace with the other guys in the beginning of the day.

Also My Kazama Premium tyres have worn out and the top coating has gone or melted and they now have zero traction. I couldn't even climb the MAX ONE Highway.

So i changed to RC926s that I had and all was well.

Again using Iishida-san for background. His new Aristo is awesome!

Still the leader of the pack. with Imo-san's Overdose Aristo in the rear. Later in the day, we had about 6 red cars including my red 86 in an awesome drift train. (wait for video)

Iishida Style... "Ballin" Wait till you see the other gift... later in another post.

I had soo much fun with these guys , but that was just the beginning of my 12 hour drift session.

Part 2 will show the DRIFT HERO Qualifier and Battle Report.


  1. Yokomo!
    I think the name is Samurai FC from the Drift Samurai.
    It has some custom parts. including a 180sx rear wing and FD buckets in the front lights.
    Light covers are custom!

  2. Its great!

    you can use the hole in the bonnet as a handle


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