Monday, October 15, 2012

RE-Xtreme MAX-ONE Sayonara Party Showoff #7

Show off Number 7 is of course an RX-7, Taka-13bt Produce.

"Taka" (not his real name) has been everywhere. swapped decals with everyone. But I must say, mine was the first added. right down in the lower corner of the front screen.

It's the meeting and fun times shown on the body itself. ooh... another one on the rear.. rare Blue one.

I've run a bit of tandem with this car and our two white northcraft FC3s spent a bit of time side by side also.

Panasport G7 by Speed way pal on the DRB chassis.The front of the BN sports widebody by yokomo is cut to resemble an R-Magic light kit with Fd buckets in use. Wrap up carbon. bonnet.

It's Full OD as you can see here but doesn't run the OD bridge. Just the chassis and shocks and front weight.

Servo saver also an OD item. 

But the body also runs on this TA-06 with full OD upgrades. 

The TA-06 has a bit less sideways, so I can tell when its in use.

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