Tuesday, October 16, 2012

RE-DP SSG Parts Shopping

So I have an SSG Drift Package on the way and I need some parts.... Just a few........... hundred

All alloy suspension mounts are a must & these are the new front suspension lower caster block and steering hub design. They allow the steering hub to sweep free of obstruction. I'm not sure about wheel wobble as yet though. I have a DRB specific set to try on the DRB also. 

I have some blue team bomber turnbuckles and a full set of ball ends in black and white to secure and accent.

Rear hubs I have already.

New steering arms. DPM version arms are longer and offer smoother ackerman transition. Also for more angle.

These team suzuki universals should take advantage of the angle. 55 degree should be easy to obtain with the new hubs.

These Team Suzuki aluminium suspension arms are 1mm longer (can take a little more camber) and a LOT narrower.
Should be great for wheel clearance.

I thought about soon to be released Active rear link set, but for almost $100 its a bit pricey and you can do a link set DIY. So the Yokomo Team Suzuki items got the nod.

I have some Kazama adjustable shock caps for independent height adjustment that may be installed.

These parts are good for any DP that needs a refresh. Just ignore the numbers on the tags... haha.

Gonna be about 3 weeks as they are to be installed after I get back to Australia. Should the SSG should come up nice with my spare tachyon and fan cooled Luxon KG on the SSG chassis.


As an alternative combo, There may MAY Might could possibly be some Overdose gear case on the way too. But thats crazy money. or an FR-D that can perform double duty.


  1. WOW,everything looks amazing!!can't wait to see you installing them

  2. Can't wait to see you fix up this tired old chassis.


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