Wednesday, October 17, 2012

RE-Xtreme MAX-ONE Sayonara Party Showoff #8

Target... In Range... Lock On... FIRE!

These bodies belong to a guy with a great laugh. It often rings out at MAX ONE during some of our games.

Because of this however, he does fall victim to many jokes and sometimes cant get that serious drift face.

The Signal Auto stripe on this one is a simple yet effective design that is very period correct.

These GP Sports S15 bodies are very big and definitely benefit from some large looking wheels. Mikuni Genosis in action with wrap up next nuts are perfect.

I think this chassis is his OD DRB. Very effective combo.

His other current body is this 180SX and as you can see it's taken some hits. Not a case of bad driving, just a case of others forcing him off the line or into the MAX ONE "House" expressway.

This is a full tune DPM which I've featured before on the site and the body has a few nice features.

Rear wing is a hard to get item Slide Way "dekapane?" Deco Panel? Big Pane? (デカッパネ) 

Simple yet effective style.


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