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Tokyo 52nd Hobby Show - Drift Scene.

Ok, take a deep breath because it's one long post.... Tokyo Hobby Show Report.

This show was NOT held in the main building at makuhari. It occupied only a small part of the smaller venue. Hall 9. 

There were maybe 4 main stands of interest for me. Yokomo, Tamiya and to a lesser extent Kyosho "orion" and KOPropo / hitec, but this article will only focus on the first two really.

The 86 is an absolute smash hit in Japan. It's the real car industry that is betting it's life on the 86 and the hobby world seems the same with plastic models, die cast, miniZ, Slot cars, and more all available. Tamiya has the RC 86 and now BRZ, and Super GT BRZ and Yokomo has the Taniguchi HKS 86 ready to go. So lets look at those first.

When I saw the Tamiya release art, the front looked terrible. But in reality it's very well shaped.

The BRZ is just a small change from the 86, so I may have to have one.... hehe.

These two shots show the differences in size and shape between companies.

For me, the Yokomo bodies never accentuate wide body designs well enough. Sometimes they create a longer body than is necessary scale and this effectively decreases the width so the wide body becomes thinner and softer.

I mean these fenders should be big, but to me it almost looks like a normal 86.

The HKS stickers hide a LOT of detail, so a single color machine should look better.  No light buckets as yet. But add some bigger offset wheels ...

... and lights ... and remove the HKS stickers... and it will look good.

Lots of potential. Originally I thought this would be Orido theme, but Taniguchi seems to have got the nod.

Drift Package set and I guess the separate pieces will come later.

The normal BRZ is set with the TT-01E but the Super GT version is also available initially with the TA-06. While not technically a drift chassis, these perform very well with Overdose and RC Square mods. (Stay away from the eagle conversion... there are actually a few issues with that chassis. )

So how does it look... MAD...!

The wing is near idential to the NSX wing I have. Although it doesn't mount on the rear. Just the trunk lid.

These kinds of bodies always make a drift car handle differently with real aero at play.

Decent buckets included. Tamiya doing it right.

great detail in this one.

Yokomo had their drift area set up. It hasn't changed for about 5 years. same carpet.  Same boring one out cone display. Invite some people to do tandem or something... PLEASE!

These bodies in an inaccessible area with light display.

The cool S14.

And the cool Samurai FC (both recently added to my garage) looking good in original liveries.

But thats enough about bodies. This is the biggest news for drifters... Maybe...

 New DPM plastic version looks like the obvious choice to replace the aged and outdated stock Drift Package. This one having the oil-less shocks. The configuration allows for the long runtime of the 4000 battery and takes advantage of the short battery balance point.

with the DPM performing very well due to increased steering angle I can see this becomming a GREAT starting point for CS or ketsukaki drift.

Like wise the DIB plastic version.

Layout is the same and the motor mounts in both are alloy. 

There's going to be a lot of flex in the chassis for beginners to easily set up.

There are real universals included also in these chassis sets.

And the all black doesn't look bad at all.

But like everyone, there's always the expensive route. 

DIB with full alloy parts install. I'm guessing the price point will be the same. retail is about 70000.
44900+11900+5000etc etc etc for full upgrades.

Stock 24999, half tune 44999, full tune 59999 yen but of course less with discounts.

By the way... this is the long wheel base version at i believe 275mm of the DIB.

DPM SSG is good. In action performance is excellent.

and this is the long wheel base version of the DPM. You  can just see the black tag in the front. So if you want to go Yokomo ML you will need a DIB or DPM. I think there are dedicated body sets coming also... just prototype at the moment. Chassis, Belt and/or shaft will be the only changes.

DPM SSG and  Red DIB. I don't think Yokomo will offer the DPM in red just yet. It creates a parts nightmare for them.

So Soon, the Drift package with imadoki conversion, DPM, DIB, DRB will all produce the same performance.

What is your preference?

 What ever you decide, you will need a lot more money... hahaha! This hobby is money suckingly addictive.

But at least drift is no where near as expensive as On road touring. BD7 is a necessary upgrade to stay on top to win.

When competitive tyres last 15 minutes at best. these GT500 1/12 chassis from yokomo help lessen the cost. It's a good formula in Japan.

 Yokomo produce the Super GT bodies for 1/12 racing. Yes, some bodies are faster than others. different characters.

Yokomo also looking to expand into other areas dominated by other brands.

Yokomo is 2012 world champ in 1/12 and this TRF chassis is also very competitive.  Simple yet effective designs.

Tamiya has chosen the LiFe batteries for safety.

 on their display chassis.

FF drift? no...

FF Race

unless you convert...

Use your imagination... It's all coming...

I may update this report later.. with other manufacturers, but for now... it's done.


  1. Those new Yokomo plastic packages are going to have to be priced competatively if the company is going to fight off their rivals.

    Yokomo cars never seems to be available at the discounts that are regularly given to Tamiya and Kyosho products, and with this particular area of the RC car hobby having such a high turnover, and with that such sweeping discounts, I'm pretty sure that my next car won't be a Yoke unless they can bring these things out at less than 15K... especially if I have to throw another 5K at the thing before I walk out of the door for a good set of shocks.

    I'm still waiting for the Kyosho to show off their sideways style...

  2. They are in Japan.

    Yokomo Drift Package basic is 11200 Yen in Japan.
    OTA-R genuine is around that too.

    So there's no issue here in Japan.

    Sakura Junk is available with an ABC Hobby Skyline body in Japan in some wierd collabo. In reality It's not cheap anyway.

    DIB Basic and DPM Basic should be the same price.

    Retail 13000 and discount 11000

    thats only 150 bucks for quality.

  3. If they can get the new plastic packages down to 11,000 yen, then I'm sold.

    As to Yokomo discounts, Rakusei, Sangyo, SRC and Champ regularly slash 30 to 40 percent off Tamiya and Kyosho prices, but Yokomos gets 15 to 20 percent at most. I've never found a good reason for this difference, but it does make Yoke seem a bit pricier for what you get.

    Just my observations of course. I'm pretty sure that I haven't been in Japan for as long as you have. :)

  4. the Drift package with body and stickers etc etc is about 17000
    the basic chassis is 11,200
    the imadoki upgrade is 15000

    Well, Tamiya is a HUGE company and their stuff is cheaply made because of that. They can offer big discounts.
    Kyosho is basically irrelevant in the drift scene. but they get money from Gas power and aircraft markets.
    they again are a much bigger company.

    If you look on the yokomo they are MUCH smaller. very thin actually.
    thats why there is always delays with parts stock.
    release pdfs they have 2 prices. One is retail and one is suggested discount cost.

    Usually larger rc shops in Japan only charge this lower price which has no markup.
    They make all their money through a small volume discount below this price.
    some shops add 5% just to get some tiny profit.

    Some shops are huge but don't pass on all the discounts like TAMTAM.
    But they are usually in central locations with high rent.
    Rakusei have 75% off sometimes on tech-racing but others are not so much and don't stock much yokomo at all really.

    Futaba-sangyo turnover isn't in the drift area. more on road focus.
    I get some huge discounts on old mismatched stuff they are throwing out, but you can't get that on line.

    The BIG shops with ten or so outlets can get bigger discounts under cost.
    that's the reason.
    your local isn't going to get that.

    I hope that shed some light on the J-scene.

    I don't think there is really much profit in the drift scene at all.
    It really is quite small.
    If you look at the product line ups of all companies.
    the off road buggy is the winner.


  5. Let's not forget Kyosho's MiniZ AWD drifters... or maybe we should... I think Kyosho's bread and butter markets at the moment are divided pretty equally between MiniZ, the V-One and RB platforms and their ever popular air market, although their heli division is not what it once was.

    As for TamTam, they cover a number of different markets, including airsoft, which is very slow at the moment, and scale models, which can take years to shift, if at all.

    I think it's ironic that Futaba Sangyo have such little interest in drifting when to look at the window of their aircraft section it's wall to wall Yokomo drift chassis. Someone in that shop must like to go sideways.

    We should have a discussion on which of the Akiba RC shops has the most miserable staff sometime. That's a hotly contested battle. :)


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