Thursday, October 11, 2012

RE-Xtreme MAX-ONE Sayonara Party Showoff #2

Iishida-san's Overdose Aristo and more.

Here is the normal bumper version. pretty smooth.

This S15 Kazama bumper has that little more aggression to it. Check the dash also. lots of Defi style gauges in there.

It attaches in seconds for quick swaps or even a bumper-less missile look. Overdose Work Genosis received a white centre and trademark dish sticker.

I will stop and let you admire because I will never find all the details added to this body.

Theres a lot to appreciate.

The side profile of these bodies still kind of works because the wheels are so big. but soon the ML chassis 290mm effect will be common.

Lit up it's awesome.

Ring lights,  bucket enhacements, dash and more.

It sits on this Street Jam OTA-R TA-05 conversion chassis.

with a similar number of enhancements and some I don't know about.

Fast and smooth. small details make it all better.

 Bling is implemented and this combo will perform like this for the next year. With the odd exception.

When I left the track last night, I left my beloved and admired 86 in the hands of Iishida-san. 

I'm keen to see what he does to it over the next year or so. I fitted a dash at the last minute on cardboard. But I'll print and send a replacement.

It's left in capable hands. It will not be destroyed and he can carry the RE-Xtreme name in Japan for a little longer.

Here it's mounted on my chassis. and it needs a little TLC here and there.

We had so much fun side by side in this red car and our session on Wednesday was insane.

 MAX ONE, Powervehicles, Speedhunters, Newera and Iishida are all names I will miss from Japan.

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