Thursday, October 18, 2012

RE-Xtreme MAX-ONE Sayonara Party Showoff #12

When you go down to your local track and you see the top guys run. You want to be the same, but we all know that's a heavy investment.

So for many, the most we can afford is a Ready To Run (RTR) Yokomo Drift Racer or similar item.

I too started with a car not unlike this DRoop AE86, albeit a type B.  They stay that way running in your street and you feel like you are a god and ready for the circuit.

Then you get to the circuit. WTF?

Frustration and sadness sets in.

Why doesn't it drift like the other guys? What is a One Way? What is FCD gear? Why does my battery only last 8 minutes? Other guys last about 1 hour....

Well the conversation often ends in "you need to buy .... and ... and ... and ... and ..."

In this car, I found the first few mods, but that Tamiya Plug and original 4 tiny body pins are still there!

When I'm driving at the track, I make sure to accommodate beginners and give them some close side by side time. We had some fun! Even if their car is 50:50 4wd, it lights their imagination and that Drift Racer is actually pretty good.

Stick with it.

My suggested upgrades for beginners.

Front one way. $30
CS 1.8 FCD. $20
Plastic 7 degree castor hub. $5 a little DIY cutting is necessary
New Plastic Steering arms. $6

Bigger Battery at least 3800 $20.

Then as soon as possible a good control set. Sanwa MT4 is all you will ever need.

Practice, Practice, Practice and learn about those other extra suspension bits that are included in the box. You can even put oil in those stock shocks if you do it right. front harder than rear

Anyway. Have fun.

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