Thursday, October 11, 2012

RE-Xtreme MAX-ONE Sayonara Party Showoff #1

I'll start with my bodies and chassis. I moved my showroom to MAX ONE so enjoy the next few posts.

Yes it's now mine. A gift from my RC Mentor. 

Yokomo S14, Uras Drag Wing and side skirts, some over fenders and more more more. Full cage, dash and lighting.

I didn't get a chance to hook into it yet, but Its now on it's way to Australia where I'll meet up with it soon.

My main body remains this Toyata 86 with Subaru scoop and Honda wing.

Now running Doraemon Power.

I love the new Rays RE-86 (Top Line N-Model +12) wheels on this beast. 

The body lights up well too.

Yes No 1.

My new FC is also very cool!

Shiny and ready to rock. I have a bit more to do to finish it off, but all in time.

I think it will become a thing of beauty.  no a thing of beastiality.

Ive started a few things, but It too will wear some different clothes in the future.


Under this is my DRB.

Im loving the silver and black contrast.

And Willy is right at home.

I've got a black mount for the FC fitted here.



  1. The blue FC is very nice. The spoiler fits it so well

  2. Blue FC is a beauty. Especially with those wheels


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