Wednesday, October 10, 2012

RE-Xtreme MAX-ONE Sayonara Party #3 "Drift Battle Stage"

What a place for a Drift Event. The street scene is totally different feel to a circuit course. I am so happy to have experienced MAX ONE. 16 entries in the final Drift Battle Stage. It was a great little event.

I've just added the photos... stay tuned for more words.

First up was Sayo Vs Akiyama.  

Then Takeuchi and Imo.

Imo Progressing.

Taku vs Tekki

Taku Progressing.

I think I ran next in a 3 time sudden death with my best mate Iishida san. A slight miss by Iishida san giving me the advance. But this was enough for my final. Excellent, win or lose it was fun. I was shaking though. 

Atsushi from Testujin made a guest appearance. At first it was a TA-06 battle. Sugano miss.

Taku had a tough battle and only just advanced.

FC action

Marine san vs Yamada.

Yamad-san Bye Bye  (he was one of the judges)

This supra proved a tough competitor. Lots of speed saw him advance over KinPaPa (in a borrowed car.)

Next group is from the BEST 8

Sayo-chan vs Imo-san

Imo-san had to fight hard. Sayo did really well!

You can't underestimate women. Sudden death battle saw Imo scrape through.

I had a battle with... who?  it was all a blur.. RE-Xtreme vs Dorizaru! it was fun. But I didn't leave much space in my battles.

Taku vs Tesujin.

Another sudden death battle with Tetsujin's owner advancing.

 Marine was up against the intrepid supra.

But the beefy JZX took it out.


IMO and I had a tough fight in the semi. But I just got through to the Final. I tossed away a BIG advantage in the first run though.

Testujin vs Marine-san

Tetsujin into the Final in Yamada's borrowed TA-06.

So... Yokomo DRB with 86 vs Tamiya TA-06 with S15

My 86 got a little advantage and held on... Just.

Imo-san taking third place over Marine-san in the 3rd 4th battle.

It's embarrassing to win your own event. I wasn't judging so it was legit... I think... "dekirace"??

Anyway... I think I enjoyed it a lot but competition is tough. relax and have fun. thats the key.

 Thanks to everyone who participated.

There is a bit more to share... later... I'm tired. Minasan Arigatou, Otsukaresama and Oyasumi Nasai.


  1. That TA-06 looks smooth cant wait to get mine to that point and that drift package I remember it from a previous post its looking good.

  2. competition is definitly hard. fun is key!

  3. Very nice cars, looks like you guys had fun! I look forward to reading more!


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