Saturday, May 3, 2014

4.44 for 666

40T-9T - 20T-20T = 1:4.44!!!! or 18.4%Front Drive :81.6%Rear Drive

RX666 in GCRC from RE-Xtreme on Vimeo.
Fd3s Rx7 RC in GCRC Raceway.

I increased he ratio on the main chassis today. The result is 4.44 and its still awesome to drive!

I've had a few bearings fail recently. if you don't catch them, they can destroy more than the bearing itself.

the DRB is set up. Transferred a lot of settings from my blue test chassis ready for action.

4 = "Shi" in Japanese so it's kind of fitting that the 666 fd3s will wear a the number 4.44

to be honest, it's not easy, but the setting of the 3.33cs car is strikingly similar.  The problem I have is not enough power and I'm right at the limit of the required steering angle with a C-Hub arrangement.

Both issues have solutions, so at the moment, I can still battle with my friends, I just need to concentrate a little more.

CS4.44 is no problem, 

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