Wednesday, May 21, 2014

RE-DRB OD Samurai Spec 4.44

Almost complete but searching for the final setting.

I recently purchased this OD motor mount. I have a few dilemmas about mounts recently. This overdose item is damaged so I am debating running it. the way the front idler pulley mounts really needs to be secure. The adjustable sections must be 100% tight to prevent slip. 

the Kazama mount I am running really moves around. It's not really a solid enough mounting and it contributes to bearing wear. The 1.5mm plate that comes with it must be used. 

In any case.

The Red DRb setting will receive the new DIB front end and then it's finished.

Setting will be 3.0 which seems to be a fun sweet spot.

the 4.44 setting will be moved to the test chassis for further exploration around CS 5.00

You may notice that Wild Russ is installed. but a few more plans are also in play here.


  1. Hi Russ,
    Question for you: when you achieve such a high CS, do you feel your brake getting weaker as the CS increases?
    I'm asking because I'm currently running 3.5 on a D3 and it's my sweet spot, but if I go higher, I can only increase my rear wheel ratio (front maxed out) and the higher it gets, the weaker the brakes.
    Just curious if you felt this on your setup.

    1. Clement, I always use a lot of braking anyway.
      So I in terms of braking in a straight line , I don't find any real difference.

      For me, I set up my cars not to have too much front grip. That's because on and off throttle typically i don't like to be aggressive at the front of the car. but with 4.44 I needed slightly more mechanical grip to maintain stability. so now I am directing more grip to the steering wheels that before I would allow to slip more to effectively reduce power to the front. (spring settings mainly does this)

      So... the front wheels are tuned to grip more and the rears are actually gripping less even though I have them spinning faster. Depending on how you tune the mechanical grip of the car, there will be a difference.

      I find I am running much more angle everywhere, so i don't need to brake as much to get the back end to swing out. (like E-Brake in a real car.) the braking is done at different angles to the corner. And the front of the car is also braking the car more off throttle, so now it dives nicely into the corner a lot like true rear wheel drive. Effectively I have changed my driving style, I'm braking later with the front tyre grip slowing the car more as well as the rears locked and I'm then getting on the power earlier at more angle.

      Everything balances out. But you can't change gearing without adjusting a whole bunch of other stuff.


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