Thursday, May 29, 2014

GCRC Middie.

3-2-1 Switch.



Levelling it up Yall. 

86 love. High CS


S-Chassis Triad

With everyone else on the wall, there's pleanty of room to play through if you want.

S14 Slideby.

US Cruiser.

My Rx7 has received some upgrades and down grades.

With my Overdose motor mount installed, CS 3.0 is dialled in. Currently I'm running a 21.5T Keyence and the Airia without boost.

need to go up to a 29T pinion on this machine, but it's near perfect.

CS 3.0 is a bit of a sweet spot. but I'll still push with the CS 5.0 on my other chasis

Stay tuned for a new video with Rotary Sound coming this weekend.

My car currently has a sound file from the Fujita Engineering 550+ hp Touge Fd3s
But My friends car has a 1200hp Drag Rotary. It just makes you smile.

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