Friday, May 2, 2014

Friday Slide Night

Who DARES to battle the Stealth Vader Death Midnight C1 Wangan Monster.

Video from M.Frener

The Steet Legal FD I previously built was out for a play.

They make an awesome pair. My old Silver Tamiya SWP Fd also makes an appearance from time to time.
Awesome Trio.

We also had a couple of  D-Like FD3s on track. 5 fd3s Rx7s looked awesome.

My previous Silver FD was also out for a play. our DRBs are getting CS nutty.

I'll be running 4.44 in the morning. 40-9 20-20

Someone else squeezing in on the action.

We can't leave out this MST 86.

You will see more of this car over the future months.

Sliding like champions.

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