Friday, May 16, 2014

Chasing the Setup.

Sometimes "Setup" is an illusive beast. It stalks you and torments you.

Some others definitely had more speed than I tonight.

I took the 4.44 DRb down for a bit more setup. It's a different beast to many others on track. But I can usually find someone else with a similar speed.

Although tonight, our usual perfect side by side sliding, was not so pretty.

Gotta get that setup right. so instead we settled for some pictures. haha.

Individually, we could both get a good line, but our car speed was a little off and the way the cars were sliding, one with a little more mechanical grip that the other, created a bit of a challenge.

So... more testing to come, change shock setting, springs, change offset, change steering ackerman and a few other things should be OK.

New DRB/DIB slide steering rack from Overdose is soon to be released. and I will be investing in a new front end for my cars.

so these parts will be a heavy investment but should 100% complete the DRb set.

DRb, JXR, R3R, Kazama or whatever you have, setup is key.

But the challenge is there. I like that.

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