Sunday, May 25, 2014

GCRC S13 - Za Muruman Dorifuto Checkpoint 1.

Now all panels are attached, it's time to checkpoint the GCRC S13.

 Looks like a regular D-Like S13, doesn't it? But one thing really adds to the look of this thing. Panel gaps.

I don't know if I planned it like this, but it has turned out even better than I had imagined.

And as you can see, in just a few moments it can be stripped back to bare bones.

You can run with

no bonnet,
no rear bumper, 
no front bumper,
no bumper support,
no left or right fender,

or any combination of the above on or off.

A lot of detail is not yet complete.

I still have to add stickers, some flat paint finish under the bonnet. Wiring etc. And decide on lights or not.

Rear lights have definite fitment issues back there, but there are custom solutions.

The overall feel is there. For now it's mounted on a speed way pal "modified" base plate.

I think some parts of the machine may not make the transition to Chassis installation. Interior seats and centre console are definitely too low for any installation.

The rear image I had in mind was definitely without bumper, 

But with the bumper on, it still looks pretty awesome.

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