Sunday, May 11, 2014

RE-Xtreme on Location @ GCRC.

One tough fast street / show car and 1 tough street drift car.

We've all seen the Black RX-666 of late but the test machine needed width to match the setup across all my chassis.

So the answer was some Speed way Pal Fenders. +12 is accommodated with ease

I'm back to running Top line +12 on all my cars, With the benefits of the new narrow scrub front ends these days, you no longer have to cut away 1/2 the front to fit them on.

I did the rear in a similar way to the orange Asamoto FD so they just cover the rear tyre.

The front is a Pan speed style fender with a two piece design.

This attaches a small section to the lower edge of the bumper.  The result is pretty fat!

The Test DRb is @ 3.0CS and today it was near perfect.

thats bad because It means that applying the new front end parts across 2 other DRbs will cost me $200 or more. HAHA.!

Ahh the pleasures of RC

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