Sunday, May 11, 2014

One man's passion!

Passion is everywhere. When you like something, it gets in your blood. You can't help but take things to their ultimate level. 

I don't usually mention too many names on my blog, but "Red" is one of those guys that really has fun with his RC.

He has collected a lot of awesome chassis and bodies over a while, had his own circuit and really supports the RC community. 

One thing is for sure, he is always pushing the boundaries of the hobby. investing heavily in the Rear Wheel Drive scene and has been running high counter-steer % for longer than anyone.

One of his toys is this heavily modified Koguchi Power Yokomo 180SX bodyshell. The custom enginebay was produced off shore, but the detail is awesome.

Wider than wide. Presence is everywhere.

When "Ol' Red" is concentrating he still manages to hunt down any newcomer. But best of all, he has fun.  

Mixing it up. Ripping it up! Check the CS! Front rotation is near Zero.

Slide time. Yeah Baby!


  1. Ridwan? that's his rwd or high cs??

  2. Is there somewhere I can read about that defines CS? I know what it is in real life driving but in drifting people mix it up between having a higher rpm at rear wheels and increased steering angle? :S


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