Saturday, May 17, 2014

Chassis madness

How far should you go with chassis tuning? All the way!

Wrap Up Next FR-D for Yokomo with Overdose & Accuvance 

Anodised Black components are striking.

Opting for the shinny fronts.

En Route JXR CS 3.47

Whatever colour you go for, everything is matching.

Tamiya VDF CS 2.9 with front roll centre suspension, Blue blue and more blue.  

Square and Eagle GRT Upgrades.

My Yokomo DRb 4.44CS with Overdose, Accuvance, RC936 and more..

Red osessions lead to red with, red tape, and more,

Still something sexy about the new DRb Hyper Drive Bridge.

The older one is way to flexible and twists.

My DRb's with the Kazama adjuster have been chewing bearings on the front idler gear recently.
It's amatter of not having the right part.s.

I couldn't get good agles on the chassis, so I raised them up a little.  

after I was done, I thought .... Wheelies!

and endo's

The Street Jam R3R is hard to photograph actually.

A lot of the pretty parts get hidden by the shock towers.

But they are there. This one looks better in person. But my DRbs actually look better in photos.


  1. Hi man! Im quite new to the rc drifting scene, had a 50/50 car for a while and recently bought a Eagle Racing R31 Rwd. I was wondering if you could tell me about any good set of upgrade dampers/shocks for it.
    The quality of the stock ones are not so good. What kind of pistons do u use? In my 1:16 racebuggy i use pistons with 3x1,2mm holes & 550/600 oil. I heard that any oil under 500 is good. Thanks!

    1. Well, RC-ART Works damper set are made for the R31. Work very well.

      I can't recommend oils, it depends on so many things.

      I like thicker oils up front 600 and thinner in the rear 200 but others like the reverse.
      So with out actually trying your car on your surface with all you settings, I couldn't recommend, some people like 300 all round.

      Your local circuit will help more than I in these setup situations..

    2. Okay thanks man. Im gonna look on those dampers. I don't have a local circuit so i need some allround settings, concrete, asphalt, wooden floors & other surfaces. Will be driving everywhere. :) Im waiting for pinions so the testing will start after that. :)


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