Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Gold Coast RC Raceway & Drift

Tonight I had time to sit back and enjoy some tandems from a viewing perspective.

Practice translates to performance. 

Put in some time, and you'll reap the rewards.

Running in front and behind is a little different. first learn to run in front, then learn to run behind.  But it doesn't take long to transition if you have good partners.

I've been trying to take a good shot of this machine for a long time. It may be a beater, but it still has some presence.

Joining the banana train.

I was trying low shutter speeds with varied success.

shooting from about 10 meters away with low F-stop has it's issues.

more Rear Wheel Drive adventures to come.

 New machines are always on track.

 gotta capture them before they are damaged.

Sunrise Mercury AE86 is pretty cool with D-Max bonnet and deep skirts.

Matt colours add to that  Missile feel.

Missile, Street or D1. it's all good.

go for it.

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