Sunday, May 18, 2014

Sunday "High CSlide"

Care to join the High CSlide?

It may be my old body, but it's not me driving. 4.56CS can do some nice stuff.

 @ 18% front and 82% rear with a 13.5T turned down even, It's easy to drive and you can still be super aggressive.

The owner of this machine is pushing me to go even higher. we shall see what 5.0 feels like next week.

But as you get to these kinds of numbers, there are diminishing returns.

4.44 -> 5.00 is only a change of 1.5% in the front : rear ratio

High CSliders are 3.0+ CS. this MST definitely qualifies.

 A new body always looks good.

It may look like there will be a crash, but this car is on line and backing into a 90 degree corner just fine.

These older Skylines with these deeeeeeeep rims look super cool.

And deep is definitely cool.

Stretch! There's a few ol' school machines in the build at the moment.

Big CS is in play here.

Driver is soon to be added. 

Not a toyota. But to join these guys, I'm feeling a toyota GT 2000

 Ready for battle.

I love this shot. The Lead wheel is exactly correct. 

the FD Straightening onto the short straight and the Skyline is mid corner.

This machine is receiving some body upgrades. Soon to be sleepy. 

3.9cs battle.

High CS battling with Rear Wheel drive. It's all fun!

Battles are close.

Street JAM OTA-R3R + Yokomo + many more additions. The owner refuses to wash this machine. Probably done 30,000laps or more. Yes, RC is like that.

This kind of shot captures some smooth drift. See you on the High Slide.


  1. Russ how much rear toe do you and the other guys running for your high cs ratio?

    1. Zero. No different really to normal CS.

      I had to make the front grip a little more but softer front spring adjustment was enough compared to my normal settings.

      there's not much help up front so making the front grip more was necessary.


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