Friday, May 9, 2014

Za Muruman Dorifuto Update.

The GCRC S13 Project is a beast!

There will be a lot of small details on this machine by the time it's finished. After having to rebuild the right side due to a "goo" error, I couldn't fit the indicators on the right. so It kind of needed a rebuild to re-align the front.

The engine bay is no where near complete.So I'm still not ready to reveal that yet.

Today I made up a  Stencil for the FMIC. I've still to add the rubber join details etc etc. I hate looking at this in pictures, because I find more to do... hahaha

I've still got a pile of parts to add.

This is not a rusty old missile. It's a D1SL style machine for "the Muruman"

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