Friday, May 9, 2014

RX-666 Part II - Smooth Criminal.

Some of you wanted to see a video of the 4.44 in action.

RE-Xtreme RX-666 4.44 Part II from RE-Xtreme on Vimeo.
A bit of countersteer RC drift with more than a touch of RWD.

I included some RWD and CS for comparison. Even with the white wheels it's hard to see, because the front wheels are always at 45 degrees with the black lead tyre pointed directly at the camera.

so ... I'll need to get a go-pro to take some decent footage.

this DRb is CS 4.44 with 17.5T on this surface.

I tried the 2.22 with 7.5T after running this last night, evaluation states the 2.22 setting was powerful, but almost 50:50 in looks and power dominated the running. After winding it back to about 60%, a little CS was present but with the rear springs at full compression, lets say, there will be some new parts ordered for that machine.

haha. how times change. With a new 17.5T motor on it's way. All my cars will move to the 3.3-4.4 range.


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