Thursday, May 22, 2014

Underdose DRB

I'm in the middle of rebuilds on 2 of my DRBs.

Out with the Kazama Mount on the red beast and install of the Overdose DRb bridge.

I knew the 4.44 setting I was running on the Kazama setup would not fit. the 20T rear pulley is way too big.

I am really happy with the test machine setup, It's perfected for the GCRC track at a little lower cs.

For now I'll be running 40-12-18-20 for 3.0CS. but as you can see, the TN Racing 18T pulley is marginal. It binds very slightly on the bridge so more mods.

I have some spacers I'll be fabricating. but I'd rather leave it stock. Max size would be a 17T on the rear side.These size pulleys wouldn't have even been dreamed of when the OD mount was created.

For max CS I'll probably run to 40-9-17-20 for max CS @ 3.8. unless I go larger on the front pulley.  

For now, It's in limbo.
I've transferred the 4.44 setting to my black and blue test chassis as I push it up to 5.00CS.

45-9 20-20 is the target as I play around at these number the result is not much different moving the balance just a couple of percent. 16%:84% front rear drive split.

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