Sunday, May 11, 2014


Stunning Silvia S "S"hassis Sunday Super Slide Sessions!!!

A Subset of Shots from the Sessions

Shit getting tight!

Slippery Sunshine

Sree Silvias Slowly Sliding Sideways

Staging Spacing Speed

I tried to take as many shots in just a few minutes. But the action is usually like this.

I guess we can include a Scion FR-"S" instead of the 86

The trains start wide,   But close up nicely.

But there's always the Sudden Smashing Spin. HAHA

Silvia S13 Slide By.

A fantastic afternoon. Don't loose the speed in the long sliding corners.

S is also for Skyline

these SidewallS are cool, but the SizeS are a bit errr, ummm, hmmm, 245/ 40/19????

more like 245/65 -14 hehe

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