Friday, July 4, 2014

GCRC Poppin the Juice!

Muruman-san! Crunch Time!

Finally mounted the S13 onto the MST XXX-D Shaft Drive. Unfortunately, my mounting point didn't have time for the "goo" to set properly.

So the front was riding high for this first run.

Hooking in! the XXX-D is set up pretty damn well. The innovative mounting solution that a couple of us threw together seems to be working pretty well. 

Hanging the wing over the wall on it's first run! many more to come.

Others will battle hard.

Loads of on track action.

 With some nice trains and close battles.

Tonight's photography was blurrrrrrrrrrrry but cool!

Minimal focal length in low light is tough.

But I was trying for that perfect few mm of focus.   I love this shot.!

 It's more the effect I was going for.

OTA-R3R ML chassis rocking the Powervehicles JZX100.

 Looking great!

There are more than a few of my shells kicking around. I use most of them so little before I sold them, they still look amazing.

One that has been used a LOT is my JDM Missile FD3s Rx7. I built it to be a test mule knowing it would be destroyed and it's getting there.

It was great to get the Mikuni Advan AVS 6 back on the car they were intended for.

 Rotary represent.

Big thankyou to my driver this evening. Allowing me to get some shots. I was using some old tyres that had quite the slippery effect.

Allowing my pilot to stick it to the wall pretty easily.

It was a fun night doing a bit of everything.

body building, chassis setup, photography, decorating the track and yes...

 Even a little driving. 

we were planning to get a group shot when the track was busy, but we always get sidetracked with all the action from OFF ROAD, SLOT CARS and GCRC DRIFT Tracks.

GCRC is the place for RC on the Gold Coast.

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