Thursday, July 31, 2014

180SX2X Project - The First Cuts

Trying to get a feel for how these things hang together.

Pandora RC 180sx Origin Labo version includes a lot of parts for a lot of trimming.

It's actually close to the number of parts in an ABC hobby 01 Super Body.

Main Body
Rear bumper
Rear light buckets
Rear roof spoiler
Front bumper
Front headlight cover
Front headlight bucket
Front headlight lens
Front bumper indicator lenses
Front bonnet vent strakes

to cut properly, you need.

Front bumper intercooler opening
Front bumper oil cooler openings x2
Front bumper brake vent openings x 2
Front fender air out let openings x 4
side step vents x4
rear diffuser cut outs
Headlight openings x 2
Central intake x2
Vent opening x 1

then mask, paint and goo

Then add,

Rear wing + custom endplates

and some PIPES! for you ass.

and lastly some stickers.

All X 2

So I think I'm about 5 % complete for 1 shell.

But the first cuts take the longest, do we want opening lights??? Sleek lights or K-Style quad maybe ??

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