Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Hump day turned hump night! Some wicked Wednesday slides.

Slide by slide.

Getting dirty!

TE37 Wheel set installed.

Definitely getting amongst it.

Sandwiched between RWD.

OTA-R3R ML running the 

Time for a break. A bit of corolla action.

Pandora KE70 has some nice realistic creases. front bar has been off a few times.

Formula D 4AGE Turbo vs Street Tune 1UZ power? pick a winner.

Time for a re-fuel.

Starting to really see some action.

My Black FD is now complemented by some Speed-line metallic red rims. Looking pretty tough.

I took this shot as a little tribute to Andy Gray from

Check out the JZX100 v FD3s runs at Motor Games Japan last week.

It takes a lot for a privateer to get to the top of Formula Drift or D1.

Might have to get over to Japan and EBISU again.

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