Friday, July 25, 2014

GCRC Groovin'

If you haven't been to GCRC, You'd better get your groove on.

I've finished up the 2000Gt, So it was time for the old school battles.  I think we ran about an 30minutes without crashing or clipping each other.

The smaller practice track has been getting a workout recently.

New players. New battles.

Youth in action.

More players in the groove.

I'll have to do a real shoot of this FC DIB soon. I've been trying for weeks to get a good shot.

Even though the body is a fairly simple Yokomo street version it's got some cool little details.

I'll take some statics.

I need to review my photography late at night. Perhaps I'll setup the odd light here and there.

 Then I can turn these into crisp images again.

I do like the blur though. I may have sold my 275 chassis and bodies.

But I still get to enjoy them flashing around on this Street Jam R3R ML. 

A lot of new chassis builds recently at GCRC from the regulars.

 Street Jam R3R front and rear motor, Kazama GP-X and other R31 variants are the favorites right now, but there are some new DIB, JXR, FXX and more on track most days.

Stay tuned for some chassis shots in the next few weeks.

I finished up the details on the 2000 GT. Body Lines and Grill Mesh

Running these Speed Way Pal TE37R makes that modern look and bring the size down on the body.

 But I still like the smaller Street Jam rims for older looks.

Lot's of action tonight.

Slot Car Racing.

Off Road Practice.

Drift Battles.

more more more.

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