Monday, July 7, 2014

DRB maintenance

DRB bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb. Well, it was about time something wore out.

Everytime I hit up GCRC, I do a few hours of run time. That adds up to 3x60 = 180minutes @ 30 seconds a lap = about 360 laps in a decent practice session.

thats about 1200 uses of on off throttle and brake application that goes towards killing my belts, pulleys bearings, spools and one-way.

Today was one of those days that the car said. "ENOUGH!"

The others were still running around, 

sliding by with a cool style.

running all kinds of chassis.

I had changed a rear spool, re-shimmed a few things and removed some rear spacers opting for deeper offset +11 rims.

A hundred laps later it was break time and My battle partner needed a little maintenance.

I swapped the black body onto the same Red Overdose chassis.

And set off chasing the Moolman.

The S13 cuts a fantastic image. It's certainly unique. @ CS 2.2, it's dialled in for maximum angle.

I was struggling with the camera...

Maybe this machine is just too quick... haha.

My black FD is really showing the signs of constant battle.While the top is super shiney, the side is destroyed by wheel rubbing and wall riding at the rear. But that adds character. 

After the session I discovered why the body wasn't right. my mounting on lexan, I still had the protective film on as I stuck velcro to lexan. Yes, I am idiot! haha.

So next time, this thing will be lower.

cool angles look awesome.

Lap after lap. Watch out for ZA MURUMAN!

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