Sunday, July 27, 2014

Rocket Bunny 180SX

It's all in the detail. And yes there's a lot of detail.

Start with a Yokomo 180sx, then add an Addiction Rc Rocket Bunny wide body kit.

Including front bar and rear spoiler.

Then add a D'Magic rear bumperless kit. and start creating some custom parts to make it all hang together.

The diffuser and rear window covers aside, the front splitter is a nicely designed piece. 

The owner has chosen black painted chrome Enkei's that look awesome.

Mounted on a full tune FXX-D, it certainly looks and drives amazing. 

these ultra wide yokomo bodies are massive. Extended hubs and wide offset are a necessity.

Overall finish is awesome.

If you get two super wide Yokomo bodies side by side, You get some cool imagery.

Light and dark, the contrast is cool. My Red Rocket Bunny Bumpered S14 is just as radical.

I forsee many Super Sunday S-Chassis battles, so I'd better keep my silvia in my setup.

So enough static pictures. What about action.

Well the rear wheel drive imagery is there.


Gotta get a driver in there.

to complete this insane machine.


  1. Could I have the model name of the wheels on the 180SX, please?
    Thanks very much!!!


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