Monday, July 21, 2014

RE-Boot TRD 2000GT

Finishing a body like this is always tough. You need to have a clear image of where its heading.

I thought I had it all sorted. Just add the rear exhaust.

It now has a tow hook, mirrors, rear number plate and more stickers.

Then I added the large front lights

Which are awesome!  And very powerful!

Then I added some more modern craft square mirrors.

The Kawada body is about 9th scale. This makes the small diameter street jam wheels look maybe a little too small.

Perhaps it's just my dislike for small rims.

So I played around with larger rims. Which modernize the 2000GT to no end.

I like these G25 Rays.

But these Weds SA-55M are also a good match.

 Then I tried the Speedline to good effect.

But I think I may go back to the Street Jam.

A rear wing?? Anything is possible. 

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