Sunday, July 20, 2014

Friday Fuzzy Freak Festival!

What a night. I think everyone enjoyed the freak fest that was the Friday Festival. 

A big X style tripple tandem manji is something that is not too far away. Awesome battles!.

 My photography was in and out of focus, but bear with me. Fridays are always after work & fried.

Getting in the swing.


then relax.

There is something wierd about my blue FC, the low ride scraping on the ground height creates a Gorilla sound. oo oo! it makes everyone laugh which is fun.



With so many awesome battles happening. It was all a blur.

Shooting in low light with a minimum of F4.5 creates a tiny focal length and even then the speed is too long.

But you can generate some atmosphere.

And you get the odd gem a I wanted.

Blurry Fuzzy or freaky. I don't care... it's all cool!




Random Tandem

Silvia Tandems

Skyline E/R34 Tandems

Koguchi Twin 180sx  Tandems.

FC Tandems... With ME.

 Fat Soarer!

Street Jam 3.0+ R3R with Fat Silvia

Street Jam 3.0+ R3R with Fat Silvia.

More battles to come.

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