Sunday, July 27, 2014

Ol' School Sunday Sizzle Part 2.

Better check your mirrors, because when this 240Z rocks up behind you, shit gets serious.

I handed over the control to the Drift Master and set about taking shots. I'd already done a couple of hours of this kind of proximity in an awesome session.

The Tamiya 240ZX and Toyota 2000GT were a perfect match.

Constant blasting was fun. I don't mind running the line these days. It's heaps more relaxing that the on/off brake throttle action that happens from the following machine. haha.

Hooking into the sweeper!

Next corner... Yep, he's still there.

Boo yaa! there was a lot of this!

The imagery was awesome too.

Yep, he's still there.

Reversing into the park. time to cool down.

GCRC, the place for RC!


  1. Those two look beautiful sliding next to one another. ^^)b

    1. I agree. I think a G-Nose 240Z would look good too. They are remarkably similar shape.


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