Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sunday Sizzles Part 1.

Some massive battles today on the Gold Coast RC Raceway Evolution Drift Circuit.

I've always maintained that if you want awesome battles, you need similar setups. These two FXX are like twins and they can get close.

Very Close rear drive action.

Very very very close. No pressure just on the limit fun.

You aren't alone very long at GCRC. You can always pick up a battle partner.

Double Skyline battle in the higher CS 3.0+ range. 

The battles take place all around the circuit.

with close proximity.

If the speeds are a little different eventually you catch up. play for a while, but really it's better matched with your own pace.

Of course I was battling both sets hard. My DRb 3.0x sits somewhere between rear drive and CS at the moment, Ive set it up to really replicate the rear drive image and most times, you wouldn't really know the difference. 

There's always An image to be taken.

Static or active. You can get the magic shot! I love this one.

Shooting in the daytime is much better.

Loving the shine.

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