Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Project Status

Recent projects are numerous. Sometimes I need to write it down so I can move forward.

Yokomo Drift Package DRB Typhoon Spec 2.2.

Status = ACTIVE

Recently I'm running 17.5T and still getting awesome performance!  ESC has been repaired. Chassis changed from OD to the stiff black.

I run the Pan Speed FC on this which now requires some repair to the front splitter.

Need to install front TN Racing unis on the chassis but it has been complete for some time.

Yokomo Drift Package DRb Samurai Spec 3.0

Status = ACTIVE

This chassis is the main chassis right now. I have a new red rear spool to install so people stop pointing out the blue spool among the sea of red on this chassis.

Ready to Debut the newly completed ol' school body.

This chassis may receive the black chassis swapped from the silver 2.2

Yokomo Drift Package DRb Tsunami Spec 5.0


Now running crazy CS but there's little impact on performance. 5.0 to 1 creates a realistic rear wheel drive style.

I keep the power high in this one for some thrashing.

However... Issue #1. Kazama Adjustable pulley mount is rubbish!!!!!

It flexes soooooo much. that the rear belt goes loose under power then tight off throttle. It kills bearings. I do not recommend this upgrade. If anyone wants to swap an SSG Hyper Bridge /motor mount, I'd be happy to oblige.

Other wise I'll be modifying it to bolt to the Bridge somehow before I run again. But it's still prepped for circuit action.

Yokomo Drift Package DP-DM Drift Master Tsunami Spec 3.4


This drift package is set to maximum CS for the available gearsets on the market. Spice and Yokomo mix to get to CS 3.4

I plan to run this as a sturdy thrasher with big power that might be a travelling chassis for use anywhere, indoor or out.

Yokomo Drift Package DPI-R Imadoki Typhoon Spec R


This drift package has recently upgraded to the Imadoki chassis. Power is 21.5T
Some final de-anodising and polishing is required for the new components.

Front knuckles are currently adequate, but MST items will be fitted.

I'll be running the rocket bunny 86 on this chassis as I test numerous tyre setups.

LF-A is complete and awaiting sale.

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