Wednesday, July 16, 2014

GCRC Battleground.

Tonight was awesome! Battle after battle.

I started out with the BIG Yokomo Bn Sports FC. Next to this BIG Yokomo 180, it was almost the same size. BIG.

But if you get enough cars in the same scale they look good. Yokomo scale is about 1/9th

The Chaser and 86 in the background were absolutely tiny. But closer to 1/10

Yokomo Evo X is also cool! 

And the battles continued.

Sliding clean, dirty, messy and fun!

To get some clean high speed battles, I changed bodies to the similarly sized FD and 86. We tuned them to the same speed and went to work. Some awesome slides.

While my batteries refreshed, the guys went at it.

but with the big ass silvia back on deck, I moved to the FC again.

The reverse direction has an awesome line, but the last little section is quite difficult to be clean. for a competition this is one way to go.

You could definitely get some action here.

Some final shots.

to cap off a great night. Thanks for the relaxing battles and fun slammin.

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