Friday, July 11, 2014

LFA - Le Fatti Animale

This Lexus LF-A is a Le  Fatti Animale.

When I look at this Proline lfa without the light and other detail,  the front takes on a very GT-R look. MST Rays G25 really complement this one. Toyota Orido 86 rear wing I think is a must.

this body has been unpainted for a while, so I think I may put this one up for sale. Price $130 AUD

I was going to finish with a silver carbon bonnet to cover the holes, but maybe the new owner would like to finish it off differently.

The colour is Tamiya translucent blue with Tamiya Mettalic blue. (FYI this is exactly the same colour only the Mettallic has flake.) backed with Silver.

Accents are translucent blue backed with gun metal for that unique finish. 

Original wing will not be used on this project.

Be cool!

This is always the best part of painting a body.

That moment when it really POPS!                            POW!

Nismo rims scream GT-R even more. 

But this is a supercar and needs a little refinement.  They do drift.

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