Thursday, July 3, 2014


Working on a twin drift setup takes a few things. But similar specs are a major contributor to getting close.

Both these cars are Yokomo DRB. 

Both are high CS with more power to the rear and lower grip on the front. 

Both are setup in a similar way with similar components, but the body shells also contribute to the similar handling of these cars.

Over time, I may have influenced a few people, but actually these people push back and drive me to push a bit further. 

It's one of the reasons I'm not done with Full Counter Drift on a 4 Wheel Drive chassis. The control I have over what happens is simply just too enjoyable. 

With our car's now pushing the FCD 4.0x + range. We get over 80% to the rear wheels anyway.

Those that drift with me will know that I love my handbrake entries and off power slides. Letting the front wheels run on controlling direction.

 Here I've backed off behind just enough for the change of direction.

Lap after lap of "Battle Style" gets the concentration and adrenalin going.

I think pretty soon our specs will actually equalize into an identical setup. So stay tuned. Twin Drift may become quad.

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