Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Overdose Mix Up.

Time to mix and match.

My DRB Tsunami Spec 4.9 has received a change to an OD chassis.  A new 20T will be fitted for the beast to come back to life.

For the time being the black chassis has returned to the silver Typhoon machine, but I'll be moving it over to the RED machine once the "cut outs" are designed.

The Samurai RED machine is now ready to punch hard.

V2 front arms and only a few minor mods to completion.

Just a little more steering to come and a new spool is needed to replace this ugly blue one.

 Drift Package Drift Master is also coming along.

 Picked up the final components to complete the chassis to CS 3.4

Spice 40-10 1.7 front reduction gear and a new one way  will add to the spring selection and shock rebuild.

Other work in progress includes the 2WD Drift Package project that will include Imadoki chassis and and a touch more presentation. Then its time to get this thing running.

To make all these work I'll be needing a couple of servos and one more ESC.

There's the Toyota 2000GT , Lexus LFA and a couple of special bodies in the works also.

Busy means fun. I need a holiday!

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