Monday, October 3, 2016

FR-D + .RSG. 86 Project - Test and Tune @ GCRCD

The FR-D was set for debut. While not in the AE86. the GT86 would have to do.

How do you tell if a chassis is good or not? you need your benchmarks.

The Green 86 is a DRB-REW that is very well sorted.

So it was easy to get a reference.

The good. Speed is no real difference from any of my other chassis. But the gearing is totally wrong at the moment. Too high speed for our track.

I found some incorrect setup in the front geometry, so I have corrected that and reduced some front castor.  Building a chassis in a hurry always leads to mistakes.

but can't wait to crank it up again.

of course... waiting for the AE body but I'll try another sedan with a narrower rear track. 215mm is a bit wide for an AE86./

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