Saturday, October 22, 2016


Debut for the Pink Lexus but it's all about the fun battles.

There's no use building a static machine. more than 1/2 the fun is cranking the throttle ...

With a real racing event not far away, today was a quieter, but there's still plenty of guys ready to play.

the FR-D V3 is a chassis I'm really enjoying.

I pulled the girls out for a few laps, and shoved Afro-man in for a few. 

Really happy with the increased vision that the bright colours leave.

Recently, all my chassis are performing well so I bring them all... Which first?

That all depends who turn up.

First... R32 Style.

Ahh, the YD-2... Average performance but solid. A healthy dose of understeer on concrete in standard form. Slowly getting rid of this with addition of 60g of weight in the forward areas.  At least it will trace the line now.

In stock trim , the light plastic weight and flat low CG nature of the YD2 means it transitions without the front (or rear) of the chassis gripping much. With the central battery, this means the transition is not through shifting of weight, but more around a "swivel" style. 

The heaviest component of the YD2 is the battery. So I am not enjoying this much on concrete. It's very "RC" to me and not so "SCALE", That's why I have trouble with the YD-2 in stock form.

Is it capable? Yes. Does it have decent performance? Yes. Can beginners battle... Yes.

Do I like it? Undecided.  It's screaming for aluminum components to add the weight that's desperately needed.   

But I will not Upgrade the YD-2.

Anyway, I still had some fun battles with me ol' mate.

I donated my chrome helmet to match the Sex Spec FD that has been used by "Rid" since dec 2013.

And this is driven HARD!

And don't expect any respect.

 Bring your battle pants.

And push through.

As age increases, It doesn't stop your drift style.  

Mash the pedal!

A slide on!

Mark X with Watanabe.

Yes, it can be done.

Skyline ER34 turn in..

Skyline ER34 turn out.

Now the photos are done... 

 its a relaxing weekend...

No... m,ore RC projects...

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