Saturday, October 8, 2016

GCRCD + Ninjas and Aliens

These Guys!  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Plus Elvis, Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, Vader and a many more. 

Good vs Evil! @ GCRCD

 Slash away!

I recently re-setup the Ninja Van as RWD. This 215mm wheelbase 200mm track RF concept based Drift Package handles very very well .

I has no problems with maximum attack drift even with a few hundred grams of Turtle fat.

The boys were loving it. Performance is actually quite stunning.

 Mikey soon had enough of hanging out though.

So I grabbed his RE-Xtreme skate board and he was grinding!

the guys are perfect position for ninja kicks to doors and slicing wings.

Leo grinding his sword on the ground while "hunting" 

He is a star!

actually awesome to watch.

Donatello handles the right side and Rafael take the driving duty. Aggressively.

They spent some time battling darth. The black Skyline DRB-REW cranking.

He needs a light sabre though.

He is a little dark to see, so the red eyes enhance his evil to match the front of the skyline.

Superstars and supercars.

Who should drive this Lambo?

Perhaps a lady... Canonball Run Style. 

As the boys pulled in, I noticed Han's hand was missing. Wasn't it Luke that lost his hand? 

I never though elvis would be working at a servo.

 Even with damage, the RB-7 is now taking on a stock-car missile image. It's glossy days are lone gone.

With Team Tetsujin Sunflower rims set to 12 rear and 9 front Plus some spacers. Stance remains.

GCRCD - Out of this world!

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