Monday, October 10, 2016

Yokomo YD-2 Stocker Debut

Well, it's ready to go. My plastic pig benchmark.

With the central layout of the YD-2 and midship battery placement, there actually isn't much space at all .
Also the shape of the plastic tub and the ridiculously restrictive battery holder design.Its so bulky that you loose space to route wiring and

This plastic gearbox simply dominates the rear end. I'd like to see a small plate above to mount the ESC as an option.

Like wise at the front the design of the upper deck really has me wondering? No space for a fan, no place to put a gyro in a central position toward the front. The upper deck actually works better upside down. so that may be the first thing you see changed, but if you fit a body with a dash, you will then run into issues.

Ahh, the good and the average.   I have a few ideas for my .RSG. plates. You really need to build one to find the bits that don't really work.

I'll be running the ghost driven 86, so stay tuned for a basic review of the near stock setting. I've only changed 1 part for rear toe. Probably irrelevant as there are already a thousand out there. 

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